Mike doesn't know much about playing music, he hasn't tried to play a single instrument. But as any dog, that doesn't stop him from enjoying the best of the music and he wants you to enjoy what he enjoys.

He wants you to try this amazing hybrid bluetooth and wired headsets. With them you can do the following:

  • Use your phone with Spotify, when a call comes in you can use the headset to answer because they have microphone included
  • You can use the wired if you run out of battery you just need to plug a standard audio wire
  • No cell phone? No problem! You can plug your micro SD card and read music from the phone
  • You can control volume and tell the phone to skip the next song without touching it

It is just amazing! Get them in Mike's online store.

Kids security is one of the most important topic discussed and Mike wants to help you have the security and peace of mind knowing your kids are nearby. Mike loves to play with children, but he is very worried about parents who lose the sight on their kids. With this super security tokens, parents could be around the playground reading a newspaper and when kids get far, both tokens and cell phone will start ringing.

If you are interested, you can get this gadget in Mike's Store.


Today's post is not about a gadget, but a very useful tool. Mike is a what you call a workaholic dog, well not all time. He understands people who need to work all time, entrepreneurs and business owners like him don't have working hours. So, Mike is evaluating as his second product this table.

This table is perfect to put your laptop on without having the annoying heat on your legs. It has a USB fan at the bottom, you just plug it into your computer and it will take care of the heat. The table is big enough to put a 15 inches screen laptop on it, and you still have a little room for a mouse (in case you need it).

Check out this video from one of dearest Mike's crew member.

Let us know if this is the kind of stuff you need from Mike.

Mike is excited about his new business. He is getting crazy as a dog.

Just because of that, Mike has commanded to give a discount of 10 dollars on his first product, the 1 TB USB Flash Memory.

Mike has been searching for storage options. After some visiting on Walmart's website and some stores, walking into The Source, and other Canadian establishments he realized there are no affordable options to store his stuff.

Mike's needs are big, he needs to store about 600 gigabytes as a minimum. Because of this, he decided his first product in his shop is going to be the 1 terabyte memory flash card.

If you are not familiar the meaning of one terabyte, 1 terabyte equals to 1000 gigabytes. It is a lot of space!

Another advantage of this memory is the dual input. You can plug it into your computer and in your cellphone as well.



Mike's Gadgets will enhance your lifestyle one way or other.

This business dog won't give up trying to find the best gadgets for you.