Mike doesn't know much about playing music, he hasn't tried to play a single instrument. But as any dog, that doesn't stop him from enjoying the best of the music and he wants you to enjoy what he enjoys.

He wants you to try this amazing hybrid bluetooth and wired headsets. With them you can do the following:

  • Use your phone with Spotify, when a call comes in you can use the headset to answer because they have microphone included
  • You can use the wired if you run out of battery you just need to plug a standard audio wire
  • No cell phone? No problem! You can plug your micro SD card and read music from the phone
  • You can control volume and tell the phone to skip the next song without touching it

It is just amazing! Get them in Mike's online store.


Mike's Gadgets will enhance your lifestyle one way or other.

This business dog won't give up trying to find the best gadgets for you.