1. Who is Mike?
    Mike is a business dog. If you want to read more about him, you can read his little introduction.

  2. Does Mike do public appearances?
    Yes, he does. Pay attention to his blog or follow him on one of his multiple social media accounts. He will be posting when and where he will be. Mike likes to give gifts to those who recognize him.

  3. Why do you not offer the gadget(s) I am looking for?
    Mike's policy is to only offer gadgets that are not available in stores or a very affordable price. If the gadget you are looking for is not there, Mike or one of his staff members might found it available in a store.

  4. What payment methods does Mike accept?
    Currently, Mike accepts Paypal and Credit/Debit card. Mike's technician is working to accept e-Transfer or bank transfer.

  5. May I return something Mike sent me?
    Yes, you can. Mike will accept returns if you return it unopened. Shipping to be paid by the customer. Please read his return policy.


Mike's Gadgets will enhance your lifestyle one way or other.

This business dog won't give up trying to find the best gadgets for you.