• Effective life: 20000
  • Power: 5
  • Lamp specifications: E27
  • Results. Refinding outcome composition Uss Results Avg.
  • Can you dim: yes
  • Decision Us Results Results in Avitheronulates Email composition Results Results Results Results Results 
  • Number of LED beads: 14
  • The main application scene: home
  • Luminous flux: 280  


  • Smart PLAYBULB X APP Control: Download "PLAYBULB X" free App to enjoy all the exciting features of advanced control which include Change Color, Set Color Effects, Control ON/OFF, Adjust Brightness, Timer, Group control, and Shake Mode, etc. Compatible with Apple devices running iOS 7.0 or above, and most Android devices running Android 4.3 or Above and with Bluetooth V4.0 or above.
  • Tap To Change Color: Lighting is no longer just white or yellow. Up to 16,000,000 RGB colours, you can easily change the ambient colour of your living place to create your desired atmosphere. Preset four colour effects: pulsing, rainbow, rainbow fading, flashing. Different effects, different moods. Also, it has the shake mode, you can shake your device to get a random colour.
  • Set Timer: Timer mode is definitely a necessity for the nowadays smart home setting. Create Wake-up Timer or Sleep Timer to let your favourite colour wake you up and put you to sleep, special for your kids; Come back home with a welcoming colourful Playbulb. The best welcome home experience ever. 
  • Group Control: Rather than controlling a single PLAYBULB, PLAYBULB X APP also enables grouping function. You can group 5 PLAYBULBs together and set the same command to them. Multiply the power of PLAYBULB BTL201 with group control function. PLAYBULB X App is a crossed-device App. You can also group other PLAYBULB products by the group function to enjoy more PLAYBULB fun
  • Great quality and save money: PLAYBULB BTL201 is aluminum High-quality casing with great design and well performance of Head reduction, extend the product life. Also, it fits into standard E26/ E27 screw base. Simply screw it into the light fixture as a normal light bulb. It equals to 30 regular light bulbs because each PLAYBULB is optimized for high energy efficiency. Each PLAYBULB BTL201 is 5 watts at full power performing brightness with 280 lumens and 30,000 hours lifetime.
  • While regular light bulb with around 300 lumens normally uses up 40 watts power with around 1,000 hours lifetime, PLAYBULB rainbow is a BIG SAVE! Saving energy for our world at the same time saving more money for your electricity bill.
Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulbs APP Smartphone


Riddex Plus turns your home's wiring into a pest repellent force-field.

Simply plus Riddex into any socket and it'll send out electrical pulses that'll rid your home of almost any pest.

Perfect for: Rats Mice Cockroaches Insects Includes a built-in night light and features patented digital pulse technology.

For household/residential use only. 220V outlets only.

Instructions: To open the package, as long as the drive rats into a power outlet, green lights, red lights start flashing, indicating that the device has started working properly. You can check the light status:

  • Green lights: indicates that the device is working, the entire work process, has been lit
  • Red light : indicates that the device is working or off, three minutes of work, three minutes off, repeating this process has been
  • Blue light: press the white button on top of the device can be used as night light

Package Content:

1 x Riddex Plus Electronic Pest & Rodent Repeller New (US plug)

As a dog, Mike does not report any kind of issues with this ultrasonic device.

Ultrasonic Electronic Mosquito Repeller Device
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